Time Use Survey

Version 1.1 (25 Jan. 2010)
Dear Surveyor:

Please fill out the web form accurately and fully.

Use the same unique number for each respondent which you used in the time-use table (download it here)

Use a different spreadsheet file for each respondent. Don't forget to send the spreadsheet!

Thank you in advance for your attention to these matters.

Best wishes, Albert Schram

1. Unique identification number of respondent (your 2 initials plus 3 digit number e.g. AS001):


2. Was there a special event yesterday in which you participated and which took most of your day? (wedding, funeral, similar event).

If yes, please thank respondent and terminate interview


Respondent and household characteristics

3. Name of respondent


4. Gender


5. Age


6. General education level respondent: how many years of formal education terminated?


7. Occupation respondent: what is your principal occupation?


8. Respondent worker type



9. Household size (members currently living in the house)


10. Of which children under 7?


11. Of which disabled, sick or elderly persons?


12. Number of illiterate females in the household over 15 yrs. old?


13. Number of illiterate males in the household over 15 yrs old?


14. Gender head of household


Economic characteristics

15. Principal industry of head of household


16. Name of head of household


17. Which of the following appliances or facilities are present in your home?


18. How many household members own a mobile phone?


19. If you have one, how much do you spend on your mobile phone every week? (Rs.)


20. How much do you spend on public transport each week (bus, rikshaw, etc.)? (Rs.)


21. Average weekly expenditure houshold (Rs)?

Now take the time use table and help the respondent answering the questions. Afterwards fill out the summary data below. For time duration use fractions, e.g. 2 hours 30 minutes as "2,5".


Time-use: necessary time

22. Sleeping?


23. Sleeplessness?


24. Eating and drinking?


25. Personal hygiene and health?


Contracted time

26. Paid in-house work?


27. Unpaid in-house work in family business or farm?


28. Paid out-house work?


29. Unpaid out-house work in family business or farm?


30. Job search?


Committed time

31. Cooking, cleaning, care of clothes?


32. Care for others?


33. Education other household members?


34. Community service?


35. Education?


36. Social and cultural activities?


37. Receiving medical and personal care?


38. Travel?


39. Waiting time, dealing with public institutions?



40. Talking, resting?


41. Physical exercise, sports?


42. Watching TV?


43. Using PC for leisure?


44. Shopping for leisure or combined with household shopping?

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